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Bara - Isatis Spray Throat and mouth problems - 30ML

Product Type: Throat and mouth


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Isatis spray | Isatis Spray

30 ml

Manufactured with dynamic static extraction technology!

" Thorn in the Throat "


ISATIS, a spray-based herbal formula, is based on a Chinese herbal composition called CHUAN XIN LIAN KANG YAN PIAN. It is named after its two main plants (the "emperors" of the Chinese formula). Both are different parts (root and leaves) of the same plant called ISATIS TINCTORIA. According to Chinese medical literature, these plants are designed for "heat and toxicity" - a traditional term that refers to a "burning and burning" feeling that in some cases feels like a "thorn in the throat." 



Ban Lan Gen | Isatis tinctoria

Da Qing Ye | Isatis tinctoria

Chuan Xin Lian | Andrographis paniculata

Pu Gong Ying | Taraxacum mongolicum

Niu Bang Zi | Arctium lappa

Zi Hua Di Ding | Viola yedoensis

Zi Cao | Arnebia euchroma

Xia Ku Cao | Prunella vulgaris

Mint oil, clove oil

How to use:
Shake well before use. Spray directly into the mouth and throat and swallow. Repeat several times a day as needed.

* In cases that are not beneficial within two or three days and / or cases of bacterial infection, seek medical attention. 
In case of high fever in small children, consult your doctor.

Dietary supplement

The text relies on traditional concepts, approaches and uses of traditional Chinese medicine. For the avoidance of doubt, the information does not constitute a qualified medical recommendation and is not intended to guide the public or to serve as a recommendation or instruction or advice for the use, modification or reduction of any medicine. Pregnant women, lactating women, children, people with chronic diseases, and taking prescription drugs - consult your doctor before use. 

Bara - Isatis Spray Throat and mouth problems - 30ML

Bara - Isatis Spray Throat and mouth problems - 30ML