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Facial Cleansing Cream (50ml) - Dr. Hauschka

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Suffering from rough dry skin without shine? Dr. Hauschka has a natural solution for you, a unique cleansing cream made from pure sweet almonds 

, nourishes the skin and gives it a vitality and a soft and caressing touch , a sweet almond powder cleanser and combines a nutritious and invigorating blend of calendula, chamomile, anthillis and hypricum herbs. Daily use of a cleansing lotion will remove the dirt and activate the skin's cleaning functions, thus preventing the accumulation of dirt and greasy lesions The cleansing cream is suitable for the natural renewal process of the skin for 28 days and purifies the skin without the need for rubbing that may damage the natural moisture texture. The editor will be strengthened and renewed with a renewal process The cells are natural.
  • Removing the dirt - the sweet almond powder gently removes pimples from the skin.
  • Cleansing the skin - The extracts of the anthillis and calendula plants revitalize and brighten the complexion of the skin.
  • A sense of freshness - Chamomile and Hypiritum herbal extracts soothe the skin and give a caressing touch.
  • Self-cleaning - The unique massage method, "clicking and rolling", stimulates the skin to cleanse the body deeply and thoroughly to remove dead cells and replenish vital cells.
  • Long-term sufficient - Use twice a day twice a day for a month and a half.

Special Ingredients

Sweet Almond Powder - almonds have nutritional and medical properties, so we prepared a unique powder based on a mixture of almonds ground with walnut and shell, and produced the special ingredient that was born from sweet almond oil. The addition of water to the powder creates a natural lotion for maximum absorption of water and oil and to remove fatty layers, dirt particles and sweat from the skin. The healing properties of the tonsils will nourish and soften your skin and give it a calming and relaxing feeling, even if you are suffering from dry, sensitive skin. With daily use of cleanser cream, you should start getting used to compliments. 


water, powdered sweet almond extract Antilis extract, calendula flowers, alcohol, oil, groundnut oil, wheat germ extract, chamomile flowers extract, St John's Wort, an herbal extract Hamamelis oil, sweet almond essential oil extracts of citronella, Grniol and Mlfigih, fruit extracts acerola , Xanthan gum and algin acid from seaweed. 

User manual:

Take a little cream between your hands (1-2 cm) and moisten with lukewarm water (preferably in water with Lavender bath oil.) Apply on the skin of the face using a "pressure and roll" technique.
Facial Cleansing Cream (50ml) - Dr. Hauschka

Facial Cleansing Cream (50ml) - Dr. Hauschka