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Bara - Cranbiotic Crane - 60 capsules - Urinary Tract

Product Type: Urinary Tract


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Cranberry Cannabiotic (60 capsules) -

a concentrated cranberry extract combined with probiotics. 
Cranberry is a cranberry preparation based on a unique combination of two complementary ingredients: 

CRANMAX® - a potent and concentrated extract of cranberry fruit tested in clinical trials with BioShield® components fruit 

SYNBIO® - a probiotic supplement that combines two bacterial strains investigated, maintaining health intimate 

CRANMAX® cranberry extract is the most studied in the world. Its uniqueness lies in the complete and natural extraction of all the fruit components (not just the juice), which is protected by a natural fiber shell to protect the active ingredients in the fruit until they reach the absorption sites in the intestines. This protection enhances the biological availability of CRANMAX® beyond other cranberry based extracts, as well as other research subjects. 

Carnivotic combines the probiotic probiotic SYNBIO® with the unique strain composition
(Lb rhamnosus IMC501 and Lb paracasei IMC502), which have been scientifically studied in the context of their synergistic effect on intimate health. 

Probiotic bacteria in kernobiotics have been tested in laboratory tests and have been resistant to many types of antibiotics, and it is therefore possible and advisable to take the product during antibiotic treatment to maintain a healthy, friendly bacterial balance. 

Directions : 
1 capsule twice daily before meals. If necessary, you can increase your dose to 2 capsules twice a day before meals. 

The advantages of the Carnabyotic product :

  • CRANMAX® contains highly concentrated cranberry extract (32: 1)
  • BioShield® technology is used to enhance the absorption of active ingredients in cranberry fruit
  • Contains Probiotics manufactured in an innovative manufacturing system that meets the strictest European standards in the field of sensitive probiotics.
  • With the addition of FOS fibers produced from the apricot plant, which serve as a food substrate for the friendly probiotic bacteria, thus contributing to their prosperity.
  • Is manufactured with a technology that ensures maximum preservation of the plant's components in the most natural and qualitative manner
  • The raw materials underwent a series of stringent quality tests according to the strictest standards in order to ensure their identification, quality and cleanliness

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Bara - Cranbiotic Crane - 60 capsules - Urinary Tract

Bara - Cranbiotic Crane - 60 capsules - Urinary Tract