kedem cosmetic, based in Batir, has been developing bio-cosmetic health and beauty services since 1996, based on Judea Desert plants. We grow the plants in organic growth plots, produce the cosmetic using traditional and advanced methods and produce high quality pre-made cosmetic herbs using only natural raw materials.

Dr. Amir Kitron, former director of a regional research center and currently CEO of Kadavim, leads the plant and ensures kedem cosmetic cosmetics will be under the quality and research supervision.

All kedem cosmetic herbs are made from vegetable raw materials and salt water minerals and do not contain industrial chemical synthesis products.

We sell pre-cosmetic herbs around the world, in kedem cosmetic stores scattered throughout the country and in select nature stores.

Kedem cosmetic cosmetic products are sold with full responsibility
All kedem cosmetic cosmetic companies are approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health, GMP standard for cosmetic production, and the pre-weed growth organic standards.