A homeopathy is a scientific approach in alternative medicine, whereby a patient can be treated with Homeopathy products which, if given to a healthy person, will cause symptoms similar to those of the disease, provided Homeopathy products have undergone a serial dilution (eg, in water or pure alcohol with a shake between any dilution that eliminates the toxic effect. However, leaving its healing properties in dilution, the final Homeopathy products should be so distinct that they cannot be discerned. Treatment should be selected after examining the patient's physical and mental state, as both conditions are considered significant. "Cure" (the homeopathic remedy).
Classical homeopathy is the standard and only homeopathy that meets the criteria on which homeopathy is based.
The word homeopathy means "similar disease", gay - similar, pathos - illness/suffering.
Homeopathy was first discovered by Dr. Samuel Hanman about 250 years ago. For many years it was the only known homeopathy.
Over the years, as the power of Homeopathy products was discovered, certain factors began to be used
Only in some of the principles of homeopathy.
Two important principles of classic Homeopathy products are:
1. One drug (homeopathic drug) one person, and not a mixture of several components together.
2. Customize every detail.
By individually adjusting one drug for each person, a correct homeopathic process is performed, which is treating the root of the problem and restoring the balance to the person.
Israeli studies have shown that homeopathy Israel products are very effective against the fungus (fungus). In Israel, a wagon will find many preparations and vitamins to treat this problem
Pucca - Virgin Organic Coconut Oil is a good solution to this problem
Homeopathy products Israel is based on the mystical principle that "a similar healer" is known, for example, from the biblical legend about copper (Numbers 25: 9). Proponents of homeopathy believe that a substance capable of causing different symptoms in a healthy person will cure the same symptoms in a sick person, and the healing power of the substance increases as its dose decreases. Therefore, all homeopathic preparations are diluted and shaken in a process known as "potentization", usually until not even one molecule of the original remains but only water (or alcohol or sugar). To explain how the resulting preparation, which is usually water without a trace of the original substance, is capable of curing - so to speak - diseases, modern homeopaths claim that thanks to the special dilution procedure "the extract" remains. The water "remembers" the properties of the original material and is supposedly capable of stimulating the patient's body to heal itself.

Homeopathy principles are contrary to everything we know about physics, chemistry, biology, and medicine, but homeopathic remedies may be able to cure patients with some undiscovered mechanism. However, designed and controlled trials designed to test the efficacy of a drug or process even if their mechanism of action is unknown, have never been able to prove the efficacy of homeopathic treatment. In all well-conducted trials, homeopathic remedies such as placebo (dummy therapy) were effective.
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