Acne is an inflammation of the sebaceous glands and hair follicles. It appears mainly in adolescence, due to a poor response to the testosterone hormone. The body's response to the hormone usually stabilizes over time, with which the symptoms disappear or subside. The phenomenon is also known as acne and vitamins for acne help with this problem
Excretion of excess fat from the sebaceous glands integrates with dead skin cells (or other contaminants) and blocks hair follicles. Acne vitamins treat hair follicle blockage and fat secretions accumulate beneath the clogged pore, providing a convenient environment for the proliferation of the acne bacterium, Propionibacterium acnes. Later, an inflammatory reaction develops in the follicle that creates a known wound. Obstructing these hair follicles prevents these lesions from affecting the skin of the face, but can also spread to the skin of the shoulders, back, and chest.
A basic acne wound is called Comedo. A perfect acne valve wound is called "Whitehead". An acne wound that is not perfectly clogged is called a "blackhead". Acne vitamins prevent this problem Comedon's opening causes the secretion of the substances and bacteria on the adjacent skin, triggering an inflammatory response.
The exact reason why some people suffer from acne and others is unknown. The phenomenon is known as hereditary. There are several factors that have been linked to acne:
Hormone activity is intense, such as during sexual maturity or menstruation. Acne vitamins take care of the regular hormonal activity
Mental stress, through the growing hormonal output from the adrenal gland.
Hypothyroidism - secondary to the hormonal factors.
Accumulation of dead skin cells.
Bacteria in skin pores, to which the body becomes allergic.
Skin irritation or skin itching that may lead to an inflammatory reaction.
Use of certain drugs like steroids.
Acne treatment is designed to address the various points that contribute to the phenomenon of acne:
Hormonal instability
Excretion of excess fat from the mammary glands
Touch your face without washing your hands before
Dead skin cells leading to pore-clogging
The bacteria that settle in the clogged hair follicles
Vitamins for acne are better than all preparations
Many preparations are sold to solve the acne problem, usually, the right combination of preparations gives the best answer. Some treatments cause side effects and consult a dermatologist and care should be taken when using them. Here are the more acne-based approaches today:
Take vitamins for acne and feel the improvement