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The makeup collection of the Italian cosmetics brand "Kiko Milano" for Christmas 2019 has been designed to brighten up any party and make the user feel like an expensive piece of jewelry. The collection includes a variety of products in shades typical of the holiday season, such as gold and red, and perfect festive packaging.


Magic Holiday CollectionKiko's also does not neglect skin care - an essential part of any beauty ritual, and offers face and body masks and rich creams for the cold winter season. There is even an Advent Calendar In the collection!


Magical Holiday Maxi Palette Eyeshades - Eyeshadow palette containing 12 different shades in a matte, metallic or pearl finish. The eyeshadows are rich in pigment, their texture is soft and feels very comfortable on the eyelid. The braces also feature a large built-in mirror and it comes in a glossy red packaging.


The shades in the palette are classic and pleasant on the range of mobile browns along with pinks and golds:


  • Enchanted Matte butter hue
  • Wonderful Pearl hot pink
  • Like a Princess Coralie Pink Matt
  • Love U Hot Matte Oval Pink
  • Fairy Tale Pearl light pink
  • Touch Me Intense metallic gold
  • Sparkle Metallic bronze
  • Dreaming Medium cold and pearly heat
  • Love Beige Beige Noody Matt
  • Magical Hot pink nude matte
  • Sweety Matte reddish earth brown
  • Cozy Time Brown coffee matte


Magical Holiday Smoky Quad Palette Palette A quartet of eyeshadows with a matte or pearl finish and a soft buttery texture, designed to attach to the eyelid and wrap it in a rich and saturated shade. The palette is equipped with a built-in mirror and a double-sided applicator and is offered in three different color combinations:


  • Glamorous Tones Romantic pink and gold shades
  • Enchanting Shades Refined brown and gold shades
  • Charming Smokey Shades of pink and black for a perfect smoky look

Magical Holiday Metallic Eyeshadow Palette - A trio of baked eyeshadows, which come in an elegant gilded packaging. The shadows are rich in metallic pigments, which ensure a particularly glossy and velvety finish. On the inside of the package, the brand offers a guide to using the plate.


The palette is offered in two different color combinations:


  • Magical Touch Ivory, hot pink nodule and black
  • Dream Bright - Light golden pink, ruby ​​red and dark warm brown


Magical Holiday Chrome Eyeshadow - Individual eyeshadows with an exceptionally glossy metallic finish. The light silky texture of the eyeshadows is designed to allow instant blurring on the skin. The eyeshadows are decorated with an elegant spiral pattern and their formula gives a multi-dimensional finish to the eyelid. Dry or wet eyeshadows can be used for an even more glossy effect. The eyeshadows are offered in four different shades:


  • Chameleon Gold Multi-dimensional pink gold
  • Enchanted Champagne Intense golden champagne
  • Red Planet Warm red with a copper undertone
  • Green Eden Forest green



Magical Holiday Duo Eyeliner - A two-tone eye pencil that offers two different finishes - matte and metallic, to enhance the look of eye makeup. The texture of the pencil is creamy and smooth, it is rich in pigment and has a long durability.


The pencil is offered in four pairs of shades:


  • Brick & Rose - Brilliant and nude pink
  • Brown & Bronze Medium brown and golden bronze
  • Green & Champagne - Olive green and very light champagne
  • Black & Gold Black and light gold

Magical Holiday Volume Mascara - Mascara with a brush shaped like a cone, which manages to capture each lash and eyelash and lengthens them. The texture of the mascara is ceramic and it is rich in synthetic fibers that adhere to the lashes and give them more volume.


  • Extra Black - black


Magical Holiday Creamy Lipstick - A ceramic lipstick with a shaped edge that allows easy and precise application on the lips. The lipstick offers a uniform, intense pigment and a rich shine and has a passionflower scent. The lipstick is offered in 6 different natural shades, which come in a golden package:


  • Peach Syrup Hot peaches
  • Rose Pudding Hot pink
  • Hazelnut Butter - Medium heat
  • Mauve Garden Light oval pink
  • Magnetic Attract Cherry red
  • Sensual Magenta Magenta red


Magical Holiday Matte Lipstick - A lipstick with a velvety matte finish and a light texture, which ensures full coverage and rich in pigment. The lipstick is offered in 6 different shades, accompanied by a vanilla scent and comes in a red package:


  • Classic Mauve Oval pink
  • Posh Brown - Medium heat
  • Timeless Rose Medium dark pink
  • Elegant Tangerine Bright orange
  • True Red Clean red
  • Only Cherry Cherry red


Magical Holiday Wow Lipstick A lipstick that is decorated with a magical star relief on its body and offers a combination of shimmering glitters with a shiny metallic finish alongside a smooth and pleasant texture. The lipstick is offered in 2 different shades:


  • Hot Red Ruby red
  • Hypnotic Bordeaux Refined burgundy


Magical Holiday Vinyl Lip Lacquer - Liquid lipstick with a vinyl finish, a flexible texture and a rich shade. The lipstick is also accompanied by a delicate fruity scent and is equipped with a designed applicator, which allows for easy and comfortable application. The lipstick is offered in 6 different shades:


  • Natural Allure Hot nude pink
  • Perfect Fit - Light golden peach
  • Rose Petals Delicate reddish pink
  • Sweet Kiss Dark oval pink
  • Red Party Clean red
  • Wine Potion - Red wine


Magical Holiday All-In-One Face Palette - A face plate consisting of four baked powders in different shades for face sculpting. The texture of the powders is light and silky and can be blurred easily and quickly, while leaving a delicate and radiant coating on the skin:


  • Biscuit brown bronzer
  • Blush in a medium warm pink shade
  • Satin gilded pink blush
  • Highlighter in a golden champagne shade


Magical Holiday Blush & Highlighter Palette - A practical-sized and comfortable bra to carry in any makeup bag. The palette includes two powders with a glowing finish for sculpting the face in shades of blush and highlighter. The texture of the powders is velvety ceramic, their coverage can be constructed and the resulting finish is natural and radiant. The palette is offered in two color combinations:


  • Winter Rose Coral pink blush and ivory highlighter
  • Stardust - Bright pink blush and light pink highlighter

Magical Holiday Matte Baked Powder - Baked powder with a matte finish and a soft and refined texture, designed to leave the facial skin with a smooth and silky finish. The powder blurs blemishes on the skin and gives it a radiant finish. The powder formula is enriched with jojoba and sunflower oils and is offered in a compact package with a built-in mirror, which allows easy and convenient use anywhere and anytime.

The powder is offered in five different shades:


  • Ivory - For a very light skin tone with a pinkish undertone
  • Beige - For very light skin tone with a neutral undertone
  • Honey - For light-medium skin tone with a yellowish undertone
  • Sienna - For medium skin tone with a warm undertone
  • Caramel - For a dark-medium skin tone with a warm yellowish undertone


Magical Holiday Radiant Blush - Powder-rich blush with a silky texture. Its formula is enriched with jojoba and sunflower oils and has a glossy finish, which gives the skin a multi-dimensional tone. The blush is offered in three different shades:


  • Morning Star Biscuit - Hot biscuit brown
  • Dreaming Coral Hot coral pink
  • Perfect Rose Oval pink


Magical Holiday Sparkle Highlighter - A shimmering highlighter with a light and soft texture, rich in reflective pearls. Its formula is enriched with nutritious shea butter, which gives a soft and pleasant feeling on the skin. The highlighter is offered in two different shades:


  • Golden Lake Refined champagne
  • Pinkish Sand Gilded pink


Magical Holiday Highlighting Drops - Liquid shimmer with a metallic finish, which can be applied using the fingers. The shimmer is offered in two different shades:


  • Wonder Drops Pink gold
  • Liquid Happiness Champagne


Magical Holiday Nourishing Face Cream - A rich face cream, which is the perfect base for makeup to be applied over it. The cream formula is enriched with macadamia oil, aloe vera and shea butter to protect the skin from winter damage and enrich it with moisture. The texture of the cream is light and is absorbed into the skin quickly without leaving it with an oily feeling. It also has a very delicate aroma of coconut.


Magical Holiday Golden Mask Face - A face mask rich in nourishing and soothing ingredients such as peony and chamomile extracts and moisturizing hyaluronic acid. The use of the mask is very simple: massage the cover well, open it and remove the mask. Place it on the face according to the eye and mouth cuts for 15-20 minutes. After removing it, thoroughly massage the remnants of the substance into the facial skin, until completely absorbed.


Magical Holiday Hands Golden Mask - Cloth mask for hands and nails, rich in moisturizing and refreshing aloe vera extracts. Put your hands in the mask for about 15 minutes. By the way, thanks to being waterproof on the outside and made of fabric on the inside, the mask allows you to continue performing while performing various actions in a comfortable way.


Magical Holiday Feet Golden Mask - Cloth mask for the feet. The mask is identical in its properties to that intended for the hands.


Magical Holiday Nail Lacquer - Glossy nail polish rich in pigment, which ensures uniform and high coverage in just one application. The nail polish is offered in two different shades:


  • Red Orion - Bright red
  • Purple Dreams Reddish purple


Magical Holiday Top Coat - Topkot with a metallic finish enriched with golden glitters in different shades. Topcoat can be used alone or over another nail polish to add an interesting effect.


Magical Holiday Advent Calendar - No holiday collection would probably be complete without a calendar! Kiko also offers one of these, which comes with 24 different products in a scaled-down format:


  • 3 kinds of lipsticks with a semi-matte finish
  • 6 nail polishes
  • Makeup sponge / concealer
  • 3 eye pencils
  • 4 discount coupons
  • 3 single eyeshadows
  • 2 eye pencils
  • mascara
  • Nail Stickers


The collection is available right now in Europe. At the moment, I have no idea if it will reach us in Israel as well, but as you already know - our world has long since become a small global village, and it is no longer difficult to get products that are not sold here

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